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Opening Keynote: The State of Commerce Today and What’s Powering Tomorrow from Dirk Hoerig

Dirk Hoerig, leads an exploration into the future of commerce through 2025 and beyond, and welcomed PayPal's Frank Keller, EVP and General Manager, Large Enterprise & Merchant Platforms Group to the stage to discuss the companies' partnership.

Watch for strategic insights into market dynamics, technological shifts, and commercetools' pivotal role in preparing companies to lead through the next decade.

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Customer Fireside Chats with Jen Jones, commercetools CMO: TicketMaster

Jawed Yusufi, Vice President, Payments & Upsells at sales and distribution giant, Ticketmaster, onstage shared his unique perspective with commercetools CMO Jen Jones, on the concept of the 'one stop' fan experience, and Ticketmaster's approach to personalization and merchandising add-on items.

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What’s coming in the World of Digital Commerce

Heather Hershey, IDC Research Director, kicked off day two at Elevate, showing the audience how to future-proof a commerce organization by building durable customer relationships. Heather dissected emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and consumer behavior shifts, offering insights into AI-driven personalization and blockchain innovation to help you stay competitive in the digital commerce revolution.

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Navigating the Future: Simplify, Lead, Excel - A Journey with commercetools

In his keynote, Chief Product Officer, Mike Sharp, discussed into how commercetools will build on its 2023 success by focusing on simplifying, leading and excelling. Watch to gain insight into how commercetools approach to product strategy will open doors within the future of commerce.

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Customer Fireside Chats with Jen Jones, commercetools CMO: Ulta Beauty

Jeff Hamm, Vice President of Digital Experience and Operations at Ulta Beauty, sat down on the keynote stage with commercetools CMO, Jen Jones, to discuss Ulta Beauty's approach to the guest experience and operating holistically across multiple channels, and composable commerce's role in the beauty business' ability to create seamless experiences between purchasing products and its services.

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Customer Keynote: Path to Composable Commerce - John Lewis Migration Journey

Simon Fulford, Delivery and Operations Manager, and Simon Skelton, Platform and Operations Manager, at John Lewis Partnership captivated the audience on day one of Elevate with their energetic keynote on how the company achieved a "heart transplant" on their £3.5bn website, migrating from monolith to composable with zero impact, tackling tech debt, and removing the bottlenecks to accelerate from 12 releases to 17,000 deployments a year.

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Unlocking Innovation: commercetools' Vision for AI in Commerce

commercetools Chief Strategy Officer, Kelly Goetsch, hit the keynote stage on day two of Elevate to expand on pragmatic applications of GenAI and what revolutionizing commerce at commercetools looks like.

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Powering a New Era of Public Health with Composable Commerce

Composable commerce has emerged as a transformative approach for enterprises across industries seeking to create highly customizable and scalable experiences at a lower risk and total cost. Watch Amelita Ebuña from leading biotech company Cepheid, alongside EPAM's Partner Thomas Celerier and SVP Digital EMEA, Tarek Nseir discuss how Cepheid revamped its B2B customer journey and experiences through composable commerce, achieving impressive results along the way.